There are organizations, big and small, that we admire. And we started this company to help them grow.

We believe success depends on the people who keep showing up—your community. If that's true, then the best way we can help is to understand your community and stoke the fire.

People & Company is both our strategy firm and independent lab.

We team up with organizations to better serve the humans essential to their success. We listen to data as much as we listen to people. Whether we're designing for a community of sellers, advocates or fans, it boils down to the same thing: relationships. Who are you? Have we met? What can we do together?

As a lab, we explore what we're curious about like why people come together and what helps them thrive.

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Bailey, Kevin and Kai


Who we are

At Work

Kai was a key part of pioneering Facebook’s growth discipline and launching Instagram’s business internationally. Bailey helped shape the brands and communities around Instagram, IDEO, and Pop-Up Magazine. Kevin led growth at Classcraft and operationalized CreativeMornings, rolling out events to over 100 cities worldwide.

At Play

Kai shoots photographs, Kevin makes videos, and Bailey does interviews. Kevin’s the best dancer, Bailey’s the best surfer, and Kai’s the best dad. We live in different cities—Los Angeles, Singapore, and Brooklyn. We all own ukuleles.