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Every organization holds the potential to build a true community.

We help you join forces as company and customers, artist and fans, organizer and advocates. Do more together than you ever could alone.

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Check out our new podcast! 🎙

“The Get-Together” is a podcast about the nuts and bolts of community building.

On the show, we ask people who have built exceptional communities, from the Star Wars Fan Club to the Cloud Appreciation Society, about just how they did it. Learn more about all the episodes.

What We Do

Who is People & Company?
We're three people (Bailey, Kai, and Kevin) who made a company.

What do you guys do?
We supercharge groups of people.

Sorry... what?
In business language, we're a strategy company that helps organizations build communities—real ones filled with humans who genuinely care and stick around. Cue sizzle reel!

What do you mean by "community?" I get confused by that word.
It's a group of people who have something in common and keep showing up for each other. We work with communities of enthusiasts, volunteers, power users and other tight-knit groups.

Why them?
Because people who care are more powerful than people who don't. We're talking about the true fans, the sincere advocates. We find these folks, get to know them, and design ways to supercharge what they're up to. 

So, what does that look like?
An ambassador program for a surf brand, resources for an NGO's volunteers, lovefests for organizers, surprises for big fans. In short: we stoke their fire. 🔥

You get paid for that?
Indeed! Pretty rad, huh?

Favorite dessert on planet earth?
Ice Kachang. Easy.

That looks delicious. Okay, how do I work with y'all?
Each project starts with just getting to know each other. Reach out.

Cool. Do you do workshops?
Hell yes. We love presenting and always bring prizes.

We also do fun projects to stay sharp. For instance, we made a short film about an inventor named Dado Banatao, Kevin (Huynh) maintains a directory of the world's Kevin Huynhs and Bailey runs a fan club for a two ton fish

... It weighs two tons?
Yes! Mola Molas also eat jelly fish...and sometimes get eaten by jellyfish.

How do I learn more about People & Company?
We research communities that inspire us, interview awesome people, and publish some of our own thoughts here. Make sure to check out The Get-Together, our podcast and for occasional updates sign up for our email newsletter.

And don't be shy, say



Who We Are / At Work

Kai was a key part of pioneering Facebook’s growth discipline and launching Instagram’s business internationally. Bailey helped shape the brands and communities around Instagram, IDEO, and Pop-Up Magazine. Kevin operationalized CreativeMornings, rolling out events to over 100 cities and serves on the board of the Edcamp Foundation.

Who We Are / At Play

Kai shoots photographs, Kevin makes videos, and Bailey does interviews. Kevin’s the best dancer, Bailey’s the best surfer, and Kai’s the best Olympic torch bearer. We live in Singapore and Brooklyn. We all own ukuleles.