The People of People & Company

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Who We Are / At Work

Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto comprise People & Company.

Bailey brings her expertise as a storyteller and researcher. She helped shape the communities around Instagram, IDEO, and Pop-Up Magazine. Kevin breathes strategy and structure. He’s on the board of the Edcamp Foundation and advises groups that build empowered communities. In the past, he operationalized CreativeMornings, rolling out events to 100 cities. Kai focuses on how true communities fuel growth for companies. He helped pioneer Facebook’s growth discipline and launch Instagram’s business internationally.

Who We Are / At Play

Kai shoots photographs, Kevin makes videos, and Bailey does interviews. Kevin maintains a directory of Kevin Huynhs, Bailey runs a fan club for the Mola Mola fish, and Kai once ran with the Olympic torch. We live in Singapore and Brooklyn. We all own ukuleles.

Team photo by Bekka Palmer