Request a Coaching Call

We love taking coaching calls (pro bono/pay what you want) with leaders who are cultivating a community they care about.

You could be hosting a neighborhood meetup or at the helm of a global network of lawyer activists. Tell us what's on your mind in the form below and we'll try our best to follow up!

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We wish we could take every call but since we have limited time, here’s some of the criteria we’ll use to prioritize who we speak with:

  • Preference to people/organizations that are bringing together an underrepresented or marginalized community.

  • 👍 if your group has an in-person element.

  • Extra points if you’re based in or traveling through NYC. We love face to face.

  • Kudos if you’ve already gotten started. The less hypothetical the better.

  • Doesn’t matter if building this community is a personal project or core to your large organization.

That said, please still consider reaching out even if you don’t neatly fit into this criteria.


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